Options For No-Fuss Products In Untethered Jailbreak iOS 8.4

Apple quietly removes jailbreaking detection API from 8.4 – http://www.jailbreak814.org/

We know Apple doesn’t want anyone jailbreaking its iOS. Why then, would the company remove its jailbreak detection API less than six months after introducing it?
Network World has reported that the API, released in June as part of a mobile device management (MDM) bundle for iOS 8.4, has been disabled in iOS 8.4. The API had allowed third-party MDM applications to check for jailbroken devices.
Companies may want to restrict users on their corporation email system to non-jailbroken devices. Joe Owen, vice president of engineering at Sybase, which offers Afaria MDM software, said:
It’s true, of course, that using a specific API to query the OS to determine could be compromised by a jailbreak, replacing that very API. Without the API, MDM manufacturers have to use alternative methods to determine if a device is jailbroken, but just as with malware writers, they could end up in a constant back-and-forth game with jailbreakers.
Apple states jailbreaking will void your iDevices warranty, but the federal government recently legalized the process through a DMCA exemption. Jailbreaking allows iPhones to be unlocked, and also allows applications that would ordinarily be unavailable to end users to be installed on iOS, as well.

Walkthrough For Playing Cut The Rope Game With Cheats

When we play mobile strategy games or mobile video games, we do not just struggle to win. What we need is to have fun with these cut little games. Have you met with Cut The Rope game, if not, can check and make the download through our site. We will keep updating more tips for playing this game. Hope you can got some good time with these game. Today we want to share something you will be interested about. So here we go – Cut The Rope Cheats for any device.
Some players said they usually get stuck when play some levels of this mobile strategy games, we are here to provide some solutions about certain levels:
.Slide the slide bar down until the candy enters the balloon.
.Immediately start to tap on the air cushion to blow it toward the stars above
.Immediately after you hit the air cushion slide the bar back up and guide it back to the top avoiding all the spikes.
.Guide the candy into the Om Nom’s Mouth.
And you must want to know the achievements you will get after making free mobile game download of cut the rope game:
.As you play the game you will earn various medals for achievements which can be found by tapping on the bottom of the Main Menu screen where it says ‘Crystal’.
.This will open another screen which has a menu along the bottom shown in the image above.
From left to right these options are:
My Profile/Game Stats–From here you can see your Crystal profile and change settings to your account or log out. This screen also shows how much of the game you have completed as a percentage and lists your friends as well as recommends other games for you to try.
B. Medals–This is what you will need to tap on to see which achievements you have earned and what you need to do to earn others. For example if you collect 50 stars total in the game you will earn the ‘Bronze Scissors’ Medal. You will also see the percentage of the game you have completed at the top of the screen on this menu.
C. Leader boards–Here you can see the leader boards for each type of level box. Tap on the arrow and you will be taken to a screen that allows you to see local, global, and National scores of other players and find out where you rank among them.
D. Challenges–This is the game’s challenges area but at this time when you tap on it you will see a message that states ‘This game has no challenges’ It is possible these will be added in future upgrades so be sure to check this occasionally.
Once you complete an achievement you will see a check mark next to it instead of an ‘X’.
Welcome to share your idea for playing the game. By the Way, we also provide other top free strategy games on our website. Remember to check here you can definitely find the game you want to play. Have a nice day!

How to Successfully Recover Lost Photos from Digital Camera SD Card

If you mistakenly delete some precious photos from your digital camera SD card, still think there is no way to perform photo recovery? That’s common belief and the real answer is –you CAN achieve digital camera SD card photo recovery easily. Check this out sd card data recovery.

First things first before performing photo recovery

Immediately stop using your camera to take more photos with SD card which stored precious deleted photos. And better plug the SD card out of the camera and put it in safe place. Caution: never let the slim SD card have any chance to meet physical damage.

Why you can perform photo recovery from Camera SD card?

A single delete command won’t necessarily make photos erased permanently from camera SD card. Those lost photos are still intact there on the card just marked as free space to be overwritten. If you keep taking more photos, the new photos may occupy the space where your precious deleted photos stored. Once overwritten, it’s impossible to perform photo recovery on your camera SD card. That’s the reason why you should keep first things first. So as is clear to us, as long as your lost photos are not written over by new data, you CAN definitely achieve photo recovery on the tiny piece of SD card.

How can you perform photo recovery from camera SD card?

The easiest way to recover photos from camera SD card is to try Best Photo Recovery Software, using advanced recovery algorithm. It can deep scan your camera SD card to look for the lost photos. Once found, it’s pretty easy to perform photo recovery even within minutes. Only three steps:

1. Scan your camera SD card to seek lost photos
2. Preview the found photos
3. Recover the found photos easily

Besides this photo recovery program can also recover lost video, music from camera SD card. Supported photo formats like GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, WMF. And video, music formats such as AVI, SWF, MPG, RM, WMV, MP3. Moreover, this program can achieve SD card photo recovery from almost existing card brands.

One more tip: This photo recovery program only works under Windows platforms. If you are using Mac OS X operation system, turn to Photo Recovery Mac. Note: better save the recovered photos, videos or music to another drive in case overwrite original data.